Anchor Cove Technology is based in the Denver Colorado area, and develops custom websites, web applications, and desktop computer applications for clients who need outside or additional assistance.

We recently developed custom websites for Colorado Modular Homes and Rocky Mountain Remodel, as well as programming a substantial portion of a web application for a custom home builder that allows customers to interactively select options for their homes –kind of like a Home Depot shopping cart, but for specific custom home templates.

Also, several custom desktop applications have been designed and programmed for clients in the natural resources industries (mining, oil and gas), including drillhole databases, a downhole sample interval compositing program, a well log query and mapping program, and a program to estimate uranium grade from radiometric interval data.

In our work with our resource industry clients we have identified areas where applications can be developed that could compete with currently existing applications, but at a much lower cost. Check out the Products in Development page to see the applications we are working on, and whether these applications might be of interest to your company.

In today’s business environment, companies have had to trim workforce, and are reluctant to hire for new projects, particularly short term projects.  We can provide assistance both in the form of designing and developing new computer applications , as well as providing assistance in selecting and implementing other vendor’s software, including enterprise business systems, and mine planning systems and software for use in the mining industry.

Services include:

Analyze flowchart

Keep it simple

We believe strongly in using the KISS philosophy in our software design and programming. To quote Albert Einstein, “Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler”. Translated we take this to mean such things as:

Favored Technologies

We use Microsoft tools for systems development because we feel they offer far and away, the best development environment around. These tools allow us to develop applications more quickly, and more efficiently than alternative technologies.


We will not undertake any job we don’t feel qualified to perform. If you have us in to look at your problem, and we feel we are not capable of doing a good job we will let you know. We will not say we can do the job just to get the contract. In this circumstance, we might at least be able to give some free advice as to how you should proceed.