Some recent projects the owner has completed include:

Web Application for Custom Home Options Selection

This is an ASP.NET MVC4 Web API application written for a custom home builder that provides a virtual store for a prospective home owner to select options (items such as sinks, appliances, countertops, doors, windows, etc.) and receive real time interactive contract pricing updates. [ASP.NET, MVC4, Web API, Javascript, jQuery, Knockout JS, C#, SQL-Server]


Websites for a custom modular home builder ( ) and for a home remodeling contractor ( [ASP.NET, Webforms, C#, SQL-Server].

WellFinder Well Log Query and Map Display

A WPF application for Forest Oil to allow the user to easily select well logs from a national database using various criteria such as Type of Well, State/County, Spud/Completion dates, etc. Detail data for the selected wells is displayed, and location maps using ArcGIS API can be displayed as well.[WPF, C#, EF, SQL-Server, ArcGIS]

GamLog program:

developed and written for a Geophysical company, this program takes downhole radiometric data (gamma counts) and using an iterative technique estimates grade of uranium at evenly spaced downhole intervals. [WinForms, C#, Excel Interop]

Drillhole database:

This application was developed for an exploration company, using C# with a SQL/Server back end that is used to store, retrieve and report on downhole assay data. This application is a Windows forms program using and Linq for access to the database that runs on a Windows server system.

This system consists of over 60,000 lines of C# code, approximately 35 windows forms, and 25 SQL tables.

Paper based data is entered into this system using Windows forms, while much of the digitally gathered data is input directly from input files and spreadsheets.

This system makes extensive use of ADO.Net for data entry forms, and Ling to SQL/Server for querying data out to reports and spreadsheets. We also linked up Microsoft Access to the SQL/Server database, to allow the client to use a tool familiar to them, for ad-hoc queries and reporting from the database. [C#, Winforms, SQL Server, ADO.Net, Linq, Access, Excel Interop]

Compositing program.

This was a case where the client company already had a comprehensive commercially available drillhole database system in place, along with some other commercial software for reserve calculations, but none of these would calculate composites to their standards.

Using algorithms the owner had developed earlier in his career, and translated and upgraded from old fortran code to C#, we were able to provide a satisfactory solution for the client for a reasonable cost and within a reasonable period of time. [C#, WPF, Excel Interop]

Historical Projects

These are some of the applications and projects completed by the owner during his career. Although most of these were developed or written a long time ago, they are included as representative of some of the types of projects we can undertake.

PERT Chart Plotting Program

One of the problems with CPM scheduling programs has been the inability to automatically generate decent looking logic diagrams with a minimum of crossing constraint lines. This program analyses a network, finds all possible paths through it, and then identifies the path with the most commonality with all other paths. This path is usually the one with the most activities in it (not necessarily the critical path), and is plotted as the center row of activites. Then all the other activity paths are plotted above and below this path using a proprietary algorithm to select them to minimize crossing lines. Once this has been done, the user has the ability to customise the diagram to their liking. [VS Fortran and subsequently translated to PL/I]

Spread Sheet Program

Before personal computers (SuperCalc, Lotus 123, etc.) became available, the owner was involved in estimating a new mine capital project that literally involved hundreds of pages of hand written spreadsheets. He wrote a fortran based program (named SpreadX) that allowed for simple spreadsheet calculations to be submitted, and run quickly and accurately. The program proved extremely popular and spread throughout the company to several data centers.

Mine Accounting System

When the owner was Business Manager for a major mine construction project, it became apparent that better, more interactive business system, specifically tailored to mining and construction needs could substantially improve the management of the project. A specific need was to have cost data available in near real-time, instead of a couple weeks after each month end, by which time the information had lost much its usefulness.

The system was to include Purchasing, Warehousing, Work orders, Accounts Payable, and detailed Cost Accounting. An on-line interactive system was developed that would allow transactions such as purchase and/or warehouse requisitions to be entered on terminals in the mine, be approved by appropriate supervisors, and then printed in the warehouse and purchasing department. The concept was that all transactions would be processed through to their final disposition in the cost accounting system at the time of entry.

The owner designed and managed the implementation of this system, which was successfully completed and in operation in approximately one year.

Enterprise Software Project Implementation

On a consulting basis, the owner managed the implementation of JD Edwards World enterprise software (now Oracle World) for a major gold mining company. The system was successfully installed at two of their mines and at headquarters, on time, and close to budget. This system performed essentially the same functions as the Mine Accounting System described above.